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Contest of the month

Theme of November: Natural

Soffie shop organised contest of the month and giving gifts vouchers (worth RM200) to our fans. 

Term and conditions:

1. like and follow our facebook fan page.

2. capture a selfie of you with any product(s) you had purchased from Soffie.shop and share on your facebook  (MUST MATCH OUR MONTHLY THEME)

3. hashtag #orteaforskin #soffieshop 

Picture that is most creative will be given gift voucher worth RM200. Don't miss out, start to participate today!

Please be sure your profile is public so we can see your entry. you may submit as many entries as you wish.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook fans page. 

Campaign of the month 

Electronic Devices - skin ageing factor around us

Most people agree that UVA and UVB could damage our skin and trigger skin ageing. Little known that, blue light from electronic devices is equally damaging as it penetrates deep into the skin and trigger oxidative stress that contribute to short term and long term skin ageing. Besides skin ageing, blue light also leads to hyperpigmentation and weakens skin epidermal barrier. With Ortea Iroise Enhydro SPF50++++, it not only gives you maximum protection against UVA and UVB, it also protects you from Blue Light~!

Now, we are giving away this IROISE ENHYDRO SPF50++++ FREE to all our customers!*

Product Review*

Write a review of our products in your blogspot, instagram, facebook, twitter or youtube and win a gift voucher worth RM500! 


1. the review must cover at least one product(s) that you purchased from www.soffie.shop (the length of the review should be at least 500 words or a video of at least 2 minutes)

2. the review must answer "what do you like most about the product"

3. hashtag #orteaforskin #soffieshop

Product review will be evaluated in term of details, pictures/ video quality, creativity. Once your review is completed, just share to our facebook page or email to samarashop17@gmail.com.

Term and conditions applied. 

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