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Iroise sea water  air-flown from Britanny. Iroise sea is an unpolluted, out-casted UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is a natural skin moisturizer with its naturally cooling sensation due to the rich minerals. It contains more than 98 types of minerals to revitalize your skin, delivering instant radiance. 

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Our algae are grown wild in the Ouessant Island and direct air-flown to our production facilities for fresh production. The island's water enabled over 60 wild algae species to grow and develop It contains super antioxidant substances which is known best for its illuminating and hydrating properties.. 

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Norway spruce is a type of tree that inhabitat in extremely cold climate. It is naturally rich in antioxidant and lignans that protect itself from oxidation. These components is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Norway spruce is particularly good for acne skin and sensitive skin.

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Italy Annurca apple  (also known to be the Queen of Apples) contains extremely high amount of antioxidant. It could diminish wrinkles especially those around the eyes area. Each apple was tested and selected before the extraction process, guarantee only top quality Annurca apples will end up in our products. 

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Barcelona Carrot with Plasma Rich Cell Factor (PRCF).  Its function is to repair sensitive skin. PRCF is new technology in the market that stimulate the carrot cell to produces potent ingredients that proven in-vitro and in-vivo for its ability to repair, revive and protect sensitive skin. 

Product with Barcelona carrot PRCF

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Egypt Lily with plant cell encapsulation technology. Egypt Lily is a symbol of god Nefertem, representing many concepts in Ancient Egypt. It is best known for its antiaging properties by limiting degradation in the heart of skin, keeping younger skin for a longer time.

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Damas Rose with plant cell encapsulation technology. Cultivated since ancient Rome, Damas rose flowers only twice a year. It was associated to the goddess of beauty Venus long time ago. Damas rose could modulate cells' activity, thus producing smooth and firm skin. 
Product with Damas Rose

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Mexican poppy flower with plant cell encapsulation technology. Poppy flower is extremely tolerant to drought and poor soil due to its water retention properties. Native Mexican uses this plant for long time, to give skin a softer and supple touch. 
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Tibetan Chrysanthemum is highly appreciated in Chinese medicine. For over 2000 years as relayed in Shennong Bencao Jing, it is used as traditional medicines to detoxify and eliminating toxins as well as subdue inflammation. 
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Egypt marshmallow flower is a large perennial plant cultivated since ancient times. Its root is highly rich in mucilages which is commonly appreciated for its remoisturizing properties. 

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Mediterranean sweet clover  is naturally rich in coumarin and bioflavanoids. It is harvested during the flowering period of September and processed with enzymes to create the volatile coumarin that gives its characteristic sweet scent. Particularly good for anti-redness. 
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Rhode's island witch hazel is a small deciduous tree that offer small bright flowers with eloganted petals. during the blossoming period, It appear as small fruits in the form of a cap. It is rich in proanthocyanidine, which is known best in modern science for its purifying and astringent properties. 
Product with Rhode's Island witch hazel
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Himalayas pomegranate is often related to its life-giving and invigorating sacred symbol. It is considered a blessed fruit in Ancient Greeks. Pomegranate is rich in ellagic acid that best known for its even skin tone properties.  
Product with Himalayas pomegranate

West German rosehip was discovered more than 5 centuries. This rose bush offers sweet-scented pink flower in every June. It is rich in zinc, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium for its energizing and regenerating properties. 
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Austria saffron flower had been used for more than 3500 years and has through history remained among the world's most costly substances. It is best known for its soothing properties in traditional medicines.
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German Chamomile, one of the most useful herbs in the Western medicines, is known widely for its efficacy in soothing. It is naturally rich in a-bisabolol
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Yunnan Poria mushroom, commonly known as the "medicines of immortality" and "the healing mushroom", is one of the eight treasure in Chinese medicines. It has been used for more than 2000 years for its antiaging properties.
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