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Natural Benefits from the Iroise Sea

The benefits of the sea are fascinating and limitless; Ortea makes exceptional products out of them. Ortea stands out with its advance research in marine technology. Sourced from a UNESCO Biosphere reserved location, the Iroise Sea is an extraordinary garden awaiting to be discovered, where wild and untouched nature develops. Indeed the sparkling turquoise Iroise Sea assembles a priceless natural heritage, which has numerous bays and rocky coasts provide a refuge to various plants and animal species.

The Iroise Sea has salt, trace mineral, oxygen and temperature conditions that have direct effect on biodiversity. Indeed, with cool temperatures and strong sea current all year round, it is constantly renewed and offers the harvested algae growing there an exceptional source of nutrition in the manner of genuine vital fluid. Iroise Sea water is also a physiological and nutritional serum for the skin in which it releases its remineralizing properties. 

Ortea combines this nutritious algae and remineralizing sea water in the products, reconstituting a unique marine ecosystem within a jar that is uniquely yours.