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Mat & Miena is an inspiring concept collection aimed at catering to aspects of the Muslim lifestyle. 

Our founder in Malaysia realize that many products in the market is not specific to the grooming needs of Muslim. He thus come into a vision to produce personal care products specific to Muslim lifestyle. 

Our fellow Muslim has a very unique lifestyle, such as wudhu before each prayer, wearing a head scarf or veil, or taking the pilgrimage to Mecca. Such unique lifestyle created a unique needs. For example Muslim woman wearing head scarf for long period of time under tropical climate and humid environment tends to develop dandruff, scalp itchness, hair fall or foul smell due to growth of bacteria. Common product in the market does not resolve such problems faced by many Muslim woman. Mat & Miena brand, however, is specific towards these problems.

Under Mat & Miena brand, all ingredients are HALAL standard, with no animal ingredients, alcohol, or other ingredients which considered najs.  Our products gone through stringent inspection before production.