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Natural Healing of Plants and Herbs

Phyto-cosmetology is a concept for Ortea® products to contain mainly plant extracts, delivering high quality and efficacy of skincare benefits. Our product contain at least 80% plant derived ingredients, with 50% of these are plant extracts that carry high potency components.

Each plant extract contains unique combination of potent active compounds for specific skin problems. With our research results from the co-operation of scientists all around the globe, namely France, Germany, Italy, Barcelona, Japan, Korea, USA and Malaysia, we could produced synergistic combination of these plant extracts, delivering unique property which could not otherwise be achieved in other formulation.  

Plants capabilities in self-regeneration, adapting to extreme climate, unique self-protection and odor are being used in the creation of Ortea® products. To create such unique synergistic products, our team of scientists travel around the globe to discover those high potency plants.

Only high quality plants are being used in Ortea® products. This is to assure high concentration of active compounds in the plants. For example, Witch hazel which cultivated at the Rhode Island, contains higher than normal proanthocyanidines, for its purifying effect. These plants were processed with molecular distillation instead of traditional solvent extraction, assuring these active components are not destroyed during the process.