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Organic Technique Aesthetics sdn bhd is an emerging skincare producer  that produces high-performance, natural based skincare. The company brand “Mat  & Miena™” is a specialized HALAL products that specifically target to  resolve problem faced by Muslim population. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5 May 2017 – Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd, an emerging skincare producer, announced today their product expansion of HALAL personal care product series. The company is offering this range of product to cater for increasing demand in haircare product that could resolve problems faced by Muslim women. Due to hot and humid weather, in addition Muslim women practice to wear a "tudung", their hair tends to be oily, dandruff, itchy and redness scalp as well as foul smell could develop. These problems are faced by lots of Muslim women, yet there are such market demand not being fulfill by the industry. 

The series of product consists of shampoo, conditioner, serum and scalp care mask. This series could cater for all common hair problems faced by Muslim women. 


About Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn bhd

Organic Technique Aesthetics sdn bhd is an emerging skincare producer that focus on natural and high performance skincare. We offer an extensive portfolio including acne, anti-aging, whitening, sensitive skin, hydrating series, HALAL products, color cosmetics and specialty hair care. The company is located in Malaysia Petaling Jaya.

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