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Organic Technique Aesthetics sdn bhd is an emerging skincare producer  that produces high-performance, natural based skincare. The company brand “Ortea™” is a specialized luxury skincare products that specifically target to  resolve skin problems. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5 November 2016 – Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd, an emerging skincare producer, announced today their product launching of Ortea. The company is offering 6 series of skincare product namely:

Whitemallow- whitening, anti-pollution and anti-glycation series

AcneFix- herbal anti-acne series

FrozenAge- advance technology series for global antiaging effect, with latest plant cell encapsulation technology

Sensia Recovery - the first skincare in market that repair sensitive skin from root cause with patented PRCF technology

Iroise Enhydro - hydrating with imported Iroise Sea water and algae extract

IDEAL- a do-it-all organic skincare   

The company core vision "We have a fix  for every skin" spell its vision to resolve all skin problems faced by user. Formulated with mainly imported, Ecocert COSMOS certified organic ingredients as well as GMP and ISO manufacturing facilities, the company assuring only high quality products reaches users.


About Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn bhd

Organic Technique Aesthetics sdn bhd is an emerging skincare producer that focus on natural and high performance skincare. We offer an extensive portfolio including acne, anti-aging, whitening, sensitive skin, hydrating series, HALAL products, color cosmetics and specialty hair care. The company is located in Malaysia Petaling Jaya.

For more information, please log on to www.orteaforskin.com

For media enquiries, please email ss@orteaforskin.com or contact Organic Technique Aesthetics sdn bhd press team:

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