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Our Testimonials are based on users' results, in-vivo test, in-vitro test as well as clinical data of the ingredients Some of these results are based on laboratory evaluation on users, using our cutometer, to evaluate in an objective manners. We also publish some results submitted by our user. 

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FrozenAge- Antiaging, reduce wrinkles, moisturizing, firming, skin elasticity

AcneFix - soothing, acne control, anti-inflammation, anti-redness, anti-bacteria

Iroise Enhydro - energizing, hydrating, moisturizing, radiance

Whitemallow - whitening, depigmentation, age spot, freckles, moisturizing, anti-pollutuion, anti-glycation

Sensia Recovery - rebuild sensitive skin, reduce allergenic reaction, reduce tingling sensation

The difference of testimonial category are:

a. in-vivo are those experiment conducted on laboratory cultivated living cells and tissues

b. in-vitro are those experiement conducted in a test tube

c. clinical are those trial conducted in real target group of user, under controlled conditions

d. user's results are those trial conducted in real group of user conducted by us, usually via cutometer, tewameter, corneometer, sebumeter, mexameter, sebufix, corneofix, visioscan; in our laboratory. 

e. user submitted result are those result supply by our user. We do not verify their results, these results are based on customer feedback regarding our products.