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Ortea® FrozenAge Meno-20ml

RM 250.00


FrozenAge Meno is a creation from France. With its renowned stem cells, it could recover skin's elasticity 12 years ago. Especially formulated for those in menopausal stage where skin thinning and sensitivity become serious due to drastic hormonal changes. This serum is very light in texture and fast adsorbing, allow multiple layering of other serum or make-up without feeling heavy.

Skin type:  aged skin during and after menopause

Skin concern: dry skin, skin thinning, sensitive skin


-reduce appearance of wrinkles

-improve skin thickeness

-recover skin elasticity and fimness

-repair damaged skin due to drastic hormonal changes during the menopausal stage

-repair damage collagen



Key Ingredients: orange stem cells, Poria cocous

Yunnan Poria mushroom, commonly known as the "medicines of immortality" and "the healing mushroom", is one of the eight treasure in Chinese medicines. It has been used for more than 2000 years for its antiaging properties.

Orange stem cell produced in Barcelona is best known for its age reversing effect. It could recover skin elasticity it had 12 years ago.  An award winning ingredient available only to the premium producer.


after cleansing, apply FrozenAge Penetrator. after that, apply in sequence (3a) FrozenAge Repair (3b) FrozenAge Revive (3c) FrozenAge Meno. Apply twice daily.

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