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Ortea® IDEAL 35 Youth Moist & Blemish-Free Cream -30gm

RM 178.00


An innovative product that is multi-purpose, it could replace your toner, moisturizer, night mask and serum. It is suitable for those of 35 years old and below. IDEAL 35 is an effective skin brightener that works on both outer layer and inner layer. IDEAL 35 could also maintain moisutrizationupto 24 hours. Contain primarily organic ingredient such as Hawaiian mango, Norway spruce, California aloe vera, rosehip oil, argan oil.

Skin type: all skin type

Skin concern:  hydration, whitening, acne


1. antioxidant

2. 24 hours hydration

3. energized and radiance skin

4. brighter skin

5. anti-pollution

6. detoxification 

7. fade dark spot and UV spot

8. reduce pigmentation and age spot

9. skin feel smooth and firm

10. protect from free radicals

11. lock in moisture

12. even skin tone


Key ingredients: aloe vera, spearmint extract, ceramide, mango extract, pine bark extract, kojic acid. 

Marine pine bark from Norway, is grown wild in  a very wind and sunny location. Such extreme conditions stimulate the plants to produces high concentration of potent compounds to protect itself. These compounds are known to detoxify and revitalize our skin.

Our Aloe vera is sourced from California organic farming. It has been used for thousand of years for its soothing and moisturizing properties. Our extraction process involve only plant glycerin, thus no toxic chemical in the production.

Our Hawaiian mango contain exceptionally rich lactic acid and vitamin C for its whiteningefficacy. It is effective in reducing darkening pigment on our skin to produce long lasting whiter skin.

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