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Ortea® SensiaRecovery Repair Cream - 30gm

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SensiaRecovery series is an innovation from France Laboratory. It could repair sensitive skin. Among symptoms of sensitive skin are (1) feeling painful when exposed to sunlight (2) feeling tingling, itchiness or painful when applying cosmetic (3) skin appear redness or patches of redness. 

SensiaRecovery brings you latest technology of PRCF™. It is one of the patented technology from France. It could recover and repair sensitive skin beyond soothing, thus resolve sensitive skin from its root cause. 

Skin type: sensitive skin

Skin concern: sensitive skin, skin redness, thin skin with visible blood vessels


-repair sensitive skin

-boost skin natural defense

-boost skin thickness

-reduce tingling, burning or pain sensation



-reduce skin redness


Key Ingredients: carrot extract with PRCF; saffron flower

Unlike most carrot, our carrot is cultivated in Barcelona and further processed with PRCFtechnology to unleashed arsenal of potent active ingredients that could not otherwise produced from other extraction. Best known for its efficacy in repairing hypersensitive skin.

Our saffron flower is originated from Austria and processed in France. It is Ecocert Cosmos certified organic and renowned  for its capability to repair hypersensitive skin. Our extraction process involve only plant glycerin and purified via molecular distillation; no toxic chemical or toxic solvent involve at all.


After cleansing with SensiaRecovery Ultra Mild Facial Foam, apply SensiaRecovery Tonic evenly on skin, follow with SensiaRecovery Elixir dan Repair Cream.Use twice daily. 

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