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Ortea® SensiaRecovery Ultra Mild Cleansing Foam-150ml

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Sensia Recovery Ultra Mild Cleansing Foam is a gentle facial cleanser particularly suitable for sensitive skin. It is formulated fragrance free with very gentle cleansing agents derived from coconut, sugar cane, corn and olive oil. It is so gentle that it does not strip off the skin natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Highly recommended for those with sensitive skin or prefer a mild foaming cleanser. 

Technology: Phyto-Cosmetology

Skin type: sensitive skin

Skin concern: sensitive skin, skin redness, thin skin with visible blood vessels

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-gentle cleansing


-detoxifying skin

-remove impurities from the pores



Key ingredients: chamomile, safran flower extract

Our saffron flower is originated from Austria and processed in France. It is Ecocert Cosmos certified organic and renowned  for its capability to repair hypersensitive skin. Our extraction process involve only plant glycerin and purified via molecular distillation; no toxic chemical or toxic solvent involve at all.

Our Chamomile is originated from Germany under organic farming. No synthetic pesticides being used in the cultivation to guarantee clean and no toxic residue. It is renowned for its soothing and calming efficacy. Our chamomile is Ecocert Cosmos certified organic.


wet face, pump 2-3 tmes on palm, then massage on face in circular motion. rinse off.

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