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Ortea® SensiaRecovery Vitality Recovery Elixir -50ml

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SensiaRecovery Vitality Recovery Elixir is an innovation from our France laboratory. It contains wild ginseng and pine bark extract to revitalize sensitive skin.  Among symptoms of sensitive skin are (1) feeling painful when exposed to sunlight (2) feeling tingling, itchiness or painful when applying cosmetic (3) skin appear redness or patches of redness. 

Skin type: sensitive skin

Skin concern: sensitive skin, skin redness, thin skin with visible blood vessels


1. revitalize damaged skin

2. antioxidant

3. detoxifying

4. prevent formation of superoxide anion

5. soothing

6. vitality recovery

7.reduce water-loss from skin

8. moisturizing


Key ingredients: ginseng extract, wheat protein, marine pine bark extract

Our wild ginseng is sourced from China rural, untouched region; to assure no pesticides being used. It is grown wild for at least 20 years before being processed in our France laboratory. The long cultivation is to assure high concentration of potent compounds for its revitalizing functions.

Marine pine bark from Norway, is grown wild in  a very wind and sunny location. Such extreme conditions stimulate the plants to produces high concentration of potent compounds to protect itself. These compounds are known to detoxify and revitalize our skin.



after cleansed face with SensiaRecovery Ultra Mild facial foam, apply SensiaRecovery Tonic with a cotton and gently wipe evenly on your face follow with SensiaRecovery Elixir. use twice daily.

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