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Ortea® Whitemallow Anti-Pollution Enhancer- 30gm

RM 98.00


Whitemallow anti-pollution Enhancer is the latest innovation from France. Our skin ageing process become accelerated due to environment pollution such as smoke, air-conditioning, cigarette, and haze. Anti-pollution Enhancer contain Himalayas pomegranate, Hawaiian mango and Japanese buckwheat extract which could protect us from such damaging pollution effects, restoring skin radiance while improve skin tone. 

Skin type: all skin type

Skin concern: freckles, age spot, yellowing skin tone, premature ageing


-improve dull skin

-improve radiance

-skin feel soft and smooth


-fade dark spot



Key Ingredients: buckwheat, pomegranate, mango extract

Our pomegranate is sourced from the Himalayas. It is naturally rich in ellagic acid, best known for its efficacy in even skin tone. Our extraction process involve only plant glycerin, thus assuring no contamination of toxic chemicals.

Our Hawaiian mango contain exceptionally rich lactic acid and vitamin C for its whitening efficacy. It is effective in reducing darkening pigment on our skin to produce long lasting whiter skin.

Our buckwheat is sourced from Japan organic farming. It is highly rich in vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds for its global antioxidant action. Ideal to fight against oxidative stress while protecting our skin. 


Apply Whitemallow Antipollution Enhancer on cleansed face with a cotton. Use twice daily.

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