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Ortea® Whitemallow Complexion Corretor SPF30-15gm

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Whitemallow Day Cream SPF30 could protect you from harmful UVA, UVB and blue light. It contain high quality pomegranate extract that even your skin tone while delivering long lasting moisturization. The high ellagic acid content could fade dark spot, UV spot, age spot and freckles effectively, giving you an overall brighter skin tone

Skin type: normal skin or dry skin

Skin concern: dark skin tone, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, UV spot, freckles, age spot


-reduce appearance of dull-looking skin

-improve skin radiance

-improve skin elasticity and firmness


-fade dark spot, UV spot, age spot and freckles

-protect from UVA, UVB and blue light


Key ingredients: Marshmallow root, pomegranate, mango

Our pomegranate is sourced from the Himalayas. It is naturally rich in ellagic acid, best known for its efficacy in even skin tone. Our extraction process involve only plant glycerin, thus assuring no contamination of toxic chemicals.

Egyptian marshmallow roots has been used widely throughout the ancient time for at least 2000 years. It's root is high in mucilage components which is known to moisturizeskin and block pollution. Grown in organic farming and processed in our France laboratory, it is Ecocert certified organic.

Our Hawaiian mango contain exceptionally rich lactic acid and vitamin C for its whitening efficacy. It is effective in reducing darkening pigment on our skin to produce long lasting whiter skin.


after cleansed face, apply Whitemallow Antipollution Enhancer and Whitemallow Anti-glycation. Then apply Whitemallow Complexion Corrector SPF30. USe during the day.

Note: as product contain high concentration of whitening pomegranate extract, certain user who has sensitive skin might not be suitable. 

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