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Ortea® Whitemallow Night Repair Cream-15gm

RM 89.00


Whitemallow Night Creamis formulated to repair your skin during the night. It contains Hawaiian mango, Egyptian marshmallow, and Kojic acid that could whiten your skin and fade imperfections. Highly effective against dark spot, age spot, UV spot, brown spot, and freckles. Its texture is very smooth, fine and luxurious like no others!

Technology: Phyto-Cosmetology

Skin type: all skin type

Skin concern: freckles, age spot, yellowing skin tone, premature ageing

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-repair damaged skin

-improve radiance

-improve elasticity and firmness


-overall whiter skin tone

-boost hyaluronic acid from within the skin

-fade freckles, brown spot, age spot, dark spot, UV spot


Key ingredients: Kojic acid, mango extract, marshmallow root extract

Our Hawaiian mango contain exceptionally rich lactic acid and vitamin C for its whiteningefficacy. It is effective in reducing darkening pigment on our skin to produce long lasting whiter skin.

Our Egyptian Marshmallow root extract were grown in organic farming and processed with plant glycerin extraction; the whole process does not involve any toxic chemical to assure its safety and high quality. marshmallow is best known for its moisturizing properties.


after cleansed face, apply Whitemallow Antipollution Enhancer and Whitemallow Anti-glycation. Then apply Whitemallow Night Repair Cream. Use during the night.

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